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The Sleeper

Built for sixes

The Sleeper is the weapon of choice for cricket's big hitters. It's monstrous, classic profile and giant 40mm edges help to create Redwood's heaviest and most powerful cricket bat. The sheer size and power gives every bowler nightmares.

  • Handcrafted in England from finest English willow.
  • Giant, powerful 40mm edges.
  • Enormous mid-swell position with perfect balance.
  • Massive sweet spot for maximum power.
  • Huge shoulders and toe.
  • Classic, solid profile - no scooping or concaving.
  • Traditional semi-oval cane handle.
  • Chevron Style, black rubber grip.
  • Slightly angled toe, fitted with rubber toe guard.

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The English willow used in all our bats has been rigorously inspected by hand during all stages of the bat making process. Our expert bat-makers, who have years of experience in the cricket bat industry, inspect and scrutinise every stage of the bat making process, which means all of our bats give you exceptional performance.

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